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1  Applicable Fiber  

       Single mode and Multi mode silica based optical fiber

       Cladding diameter    100 to125m

       Coating diameter     0.1 to 1.0mm

       Fiber cleaved length: 16mm(standard)

2 Specifications:

       Dimension:   172mm(length) x186mm (width)     

        x220mm (height)

       Weight:      Only 3.7 Kg

       Screen:             5.0 inch LCD colour Monitor

                             Display double light route picture

       Environment:        Temperature:     -10~50℃

                             Storage:         -40~60℃

                             Humidity:       <95%RH (without dew)

                             Storage humidity:  no dew

       Average fusion loss:   0.01dB (MMF), 0.02dB(SMF),


        Average fusion time:   10sec. (Standard)

       Average heat time:    40sec. (Standard) 

       Fusion program:        


       Languages selectable:  Chinese, English             

        Work style:          Auto,Manual

       Power supply:        Alternating Current:176~264V,  

           50Hz +15%                     Direct current:10.5~15V

       Storage of splice result: 4000(selectable)