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For nearly a decade

 VCNEX has developed excellent manufacturing and technical capability in order to meet fast growing demand of communication. Thanks for the support and kind help from our customers and partners, VCNEX now become one of leading supplier of optical components,Fusion Splicer and OTDR in China. VCNEX x team has committed to drive its company to become a technically-advanced, market-focused, customer-oriented and innovative company in the field of fixed communication network in the world!

For VCNEX's customers

 Professional services are provided including prompt response to customers’ enquiry, high quality goods, effective logistic service, after-sales service . What's more VCNEX's complete test capability guarantee all the products you buy are perfect! To choose VCNEX, means excellent quality, excellent price and carefree job!  

We are doing our best to serve you better and more!

 Your 100% satisfaction, not only quality and prices, but also services, and more!